Web 2.0 Paige_Esparza


  • Explain how you could use it in a science or math classroom
    • This Web 2.0 tool could be used in any class or in any grouping of classes
    • It allows students to take and share notes and give one another feedback
    • Students can record lectures and talks for later viewing/listening
    • Students can freely mark up pdf documents
    • The most unique features of this website are the ‘homework scanner’ which allows you to scan homework in, which will then be ran through a character recognition process that makes hand-written words searchable & the ‘web clipper’ which allows students to easily clip an article, picture, or screenshot and add it to their notes directly
    • The tool also provides to-do lists and reminders services for assignments
    • Overall, the tool allows the mass compilation and sharing of students’ notes (which should be next-level notes with article clippings, lecture clippings, and peer feedback) in one easily accessible place that wouldn’t otherwise be possible.
  • Tell where it is on the SAMR Model as well as where it fits on the TIM, and justify your answers.
    • I chose this tool because I really see its usefulness for students who are disorganized and/or lose things, students who need help, or students who like to challenge each other
    • That being said, it falls in the modification classification of the SAMR model and the infusion classification of the TIM model
    • Technology can be used effectively and transform student learning, but not entirely unique and redefined. Students can take notes and share notes that are far superior to regular pencil and paper notes and integrate all of the additional features into their notes, stockpiling the notes for safe-keeping throughout the school year.
    • Students are given a choice of tools and how to use them, but use of tools is pretty straight-forward at face value. The choice of tools makes the Web 2.0 tool a very flexible and useful tool for all students, since it allows them to be creative and organize information in virtually any way they can imagine.

One thought on “Web 2.0 Paige_Esparza

  1. Great idea for notes and class resources. I always wrote my notes down in class but I would have much rather been able to record class lectures to look back on and watch. Being able to record lectures would be a great use for students who are verbal learners.


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