Dakota Web2.0


Firstclass is a communication hub where teachers can send messages to the principal, pick up student assignments, change homework tasks for that evening, or have students build their own Web pages.

I could use this in any classroom to assign homework, communicate with students and colleagues, and to grade and pick up assignments that the students may have left at home.

This web tool falls under the augmentation level of SAMR as it allows the teacher to augment several classroom activities. By allowing the teacher to change homework, pick up homework, and communicate with faculty members first-class replaces several things the teacher needs, condensing it into one app.

In the Tim matrix it falls under the adaptation level in every category.



2 thoughts on “Dakota Web2.0

  1. This is one I haven’t heard of either. I like it, and I do agree, it is augmentation on the SAMR model. Though I am not 100% sure it fit adaptation… it “could” be if you allowed student voice and choice… which could be done in the web page building model, but used as a homework/info page, it would be more on the adoption level. Good find.


  2. Dakota, I actually really like the idea of this website. It is almost like your own personal social media with your kids. The blogging could be a very fun activity in your classroom! The kids would also have a blast personalizing their page and their website. Be careful! They may get too into personalizing so you would need to find a way to keep them focused.
    I think this is in between adaption and adoption. You lead the students but in the end, they independently use the technology by posting their opinions.


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