Kever / McKenzie Web 2.0

Photo Peach

Photo Peach could be integrated into our classroom by allowing students to have unlimited access to class notes and other class content. This allows students who have missed class or need to go back over their notes can do so at their convenience from wherever they might be. In addition, the app has the ability for the educator to present quizzes for the students, and students can collaborate with the teacher and classmates. Also, the app can give the parents the ability to view their child’s progress at the teacher’s discretion.

Photo Peach fits in the modification level of the SAMR model. It offers the students the ability to collaborate with both teacher and classmates. Photo Peach provides the educator with an innovative tool to present information to students in new ways.

In regards to the TIM, Photo Peach falls within the Adoption level. It is more advanced than the entry level but, does not offer the students choice of tool, thus it can’t be classified as being in the Adaptation level. Photo Peach provides the student with the ability to build knowledge independently as guided by the teacher.


One thought on “Kever / McKenzie Web 2.0

  1. I like this one. And one I haven’t heard of! Good explanation of why it is modification and not anything else, and why it fits as adoption vs adaptation. Great job~ except can you post a link to the website?


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