Bowen and Cooper Web 2.0

Voice Thread is a website that allows the students to create dynamic and interactive slideshows and or presentations.

In a math class a teacher could assign each student or groups of students a topic/section in the book. Allow several weeks for students to prepare the presentations and review accordingly. After students have completed the assigned topic have the entire class go and view that section video a few days prior to class to help prepare for the topic in class. Using  Voice Thread encourages students to learn the topic at hand by creating a presentations that their peers will be able to access. This gives students a sense of responsibility because they have the entire class depending on them to teach them the material through the slides.

Voice Thread falls under the modification category of the SAMR. For the most part students could just teach a lesson in the class on the white/smart board so its not that much different from just substituting the board with a slide show. However, using this site  , students are able to write out and solve equations all while explaining what they are doing and including visuals for their classmates to see. Students are also able to access the presentations on their own time so they wouldn’t have to wait until they got to class to learn how to do something. Instead students would access the specific sections and learn the material before coming to class that way they had questions for the student(s) who made the video or the teacher. On the TIM matrix, Voice Thread would be under the infusion category because the teacher would give them the topic but would allow the students to choose between slideshows or presentations as well as explore the site on their own. This allows students to come familiar with the site and learn how to maneuver around instead of the teacher telling them what to do for every step.




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